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17 Of The Cutest Baby Pics that will make you go oooohhh!

These are 17 baby pics which we think are the cutest among all the other ones doing the rounds on the web. These have been hand-picked just for you to go oooohh and aghh when you see them. Scroll down and return to your childhood 🙂

I am shleeepyy
This is a sleepy cute baby

This one made me yawn!!!yawning little baby is here

I pose even when I sleep!
Anyone would love this cute sleeping baby.

Someone stop this lecture!!
cute baby 25

Am I not adorable?
Very cute baby 345

I want my mommy 🙁
Infant Yawning

Time to snuggle!!
Cute baby ready to snuggle 235

Don’t want to wake up 😛
cute baby pic which anyone would love

 Sleep is the best medicine 😀
soft and cutie baby pictures 876

I’m gonna be a singer one day!
cute baby singer, some day

Merry Christmas!!
sweet little baby that you would love to see

Don’t I remind you of sunshine?

I’m hungry 🙁

I just tried to wink, but instead yawned 😀

Sing me a lullaby 🙂

No more toys! I want my bed!
baby pictures234

With my teddy 🙂 Safe and warm 🙂
This is an awesome cute baby

H/T : Reddit

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