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13 Simple Life Hacks That Will Make Your Day Easier

Here are 13 simple yet easy life hacks that are going to save you a lot of time between your everyday-chores. Once you start getting used to these little tricks, I’m sure your life will get easier as never before.

1. The easiest way to perfectly cut an Orange.

lifehacks for a better day (8)

2. Making an ice cream sandwich has never been this easy.lifehacks for a better day (10)

3. Remove pungent odors from your shoes.lifehacks for a better day (4)

4.Wet a tissue-paper and wrap it on a beer bottle. Refrigerate it for 5 minutes and your cold beverage is chilled!lifehacks for a better day (6)

5. I bet there is no better way for peeling mangoes.lifehacks for a better day (11)

6. A tennis ball can be your new holder.lifehacks for a better day (23)

7. Forget about wrinkles on your shirt!lifehacks for a better day (12)

8. Eating noodles shouldn’t be a disaster.lifehacks for a better day (35)

9.Perfectly cutting cherries in half – in a second.lifehacks for a better day (1)

10. Stopping ads on your phone while playing your favorite game.lifehacks for a better day (3)

11. Cheapest iPhone Dock ever!lifehacks for a better day (5)

12. Safeguarding your blue pen.lifehacks for a better day (9)

13. No more food juices at the bottom of the bin.lifehacks for a better day (7)

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H/T: reddit.com, FoodBeast.

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