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15 Of The Most Useless And Funniest Inventions Of All Time

Inventions of the past have transformed the world to make it look like what it is today. Many accidents result in beautiful inventions. That said, many inventions may prove to be accidents, some of which are shown below!

1. Seriously? Diet water?
Useless invention of diet water

2. Using a wand for Ctrl + Alt + Delete, so that your fingers never get hurt.

Useless computer invention

3. Baby Mop. Insane!

Useless invention of a baby mop

4. Remote wrangler – Easily one of the most useless and ridiculous inventions so far.

TV Remote useless invention

5. Rewinder for DVDs? In what age are we living now?

DVD rewinder useless invention

6. Privacy scarf – the most uncomfortable yet useless invention so far!

Invention of an useless scarf

7. You need a necklace  to hold a wine? Unless you are totally boozed.

A useless invention of a glass holder

8. Walking sleeping bag.


9. Goldfish walker. Take your fish out for a stroll.

Fish walker useless invention

10. Noodles too sizzling and hot? This one’s for you.

useless noodle fan invention

11. Shoe umbrellas. This might be the most useless invention in this world.

Shoe umbrella stupid invention

12. Steering food stand.

Funny steering invention

13. Butter stick. It’s convenient, but awkward.

Butter stick useless invention that doesn't make any sense

14. Air conditioned shoes. Simply put, shoes with holes.


15. USB pet rock. The reason for it being USB is still unknown.

the most useless inventions

Well folks, that’s all about some of the useless inventions. If you liked our post, don’t forget to share them!

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