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This is what happens when you have lazy people at work

We recently published a post on the craziest people on the planet which was well received. Hence we have this post on some of the laziest people who come for work. Well maybe this is why you shouldn’t hire any lazy people for work, because if you do, this is what happens.

1. There is no harm in resting unless you know where you are.
lazy people at work sleeping

2. For some good reason, there wasn’t anything bigger.This is why you shouldn't have lazy people

3. Because folding costs way less in China.Lazy people at work (7)

4. This guy might be on the verge of getting fired.Lazy people at work (5)

5. Actually, last when?these people are really lazy

6. “Strt Rd” would have made it a bit more betterwhen you have lazy people at work

7. Lazy people at work (6)

8.When you get up late for work in winter.Lazy people at work (9)

9. Authorized personnel only!Lazy people at work (8)

10. Whether you are at work or home, this is an act of extreme laziness!
Lazy people at work (1)

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