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20 of the Dumbest People on Facebook

The difference between being stupid and a genius is that genius has got its limits. This evidently is true when it comes to Face-book. Albeit millions of people around the globe use it to share what they do and LIKE what they like, sometimes it gets too bizarre. These people need to be careful while updating their status on face-book, else they might end up as an epic failure like these. Needless to say, the following images proves
it all!

Dumbest and Bizarre face book statuses of all Time!

  1. This kid has got a bad teacher!very dumb facebook teacher student status

  2. This is the most outrageous idea I’ve ever heard! [Mother of God!]stupid Facebook status of wifi and internet

  3. A very stupid facebook status

  4. In Fact everything’s wrong here.
    Very bizzare facebook status

  5. Yeah, you are absolutely RIGHT!This is an awesome funny facebook status

  6. Nailed it!

  7. Funny fail fb status
  8. Stupid funny facebook status
  9. Facebook status fail bizzare
  10. Facebook-status-funny-fail
  11. Awesome-facebook-funny-fail-message-23487
  12. Facebook fail status image
  13. stupid facebook status about movie
  14. funny fails on facebook
  15. funny facebook status fails
  16. funny status fail of 50 cent on facebook
  17. Facebook fails of this year
  18. Facebook status between son and dad that got epic fail
  19. funny facebook status fails

That’s some of the coolest facebook status fails of all time it seems. Maybe your friends will also find it entertaining. Also, you can like us on facebook to get all the latest updates!

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