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Can you tell what direction is this train moving? No you can’t

Recently I stumbled upon this pic and it’s driving me crazy. I’m still yet to figure out what direction this train is heading to. If you really know where it’s going, let us know in the comments section below. 🙂 

Do you know where this training is going

  • eli

    it is moving to the right or towards the cameraman because if you look at the trash on the ground it is being blown towards the person taking the picture.

  • BOB

    it appears to be moving left, where everone is looking


    it’s coming from the left to the right considering the direction the people are looking,people often look at what’s coming not really what’s going…also considering the direction of the camera man…also the red light is a confirmation of it as well

  • Ben

    It is moving north

  • TheoreticalPhilosophy

    The people seem to be waiting for a train, possibly this one, and the red light would indicate that there is something in the tunnel-the approaching train. If it was to warn the driver that something was coming through, it would be where she/he could see it.

  • Joey

    it’s moving to the right – the driver end of a underground platform always has a mirror/tv screen for the driver to see back along the train – we can’t see any mirror/screen on the far way so the direction of travel is to the right…

  • Pamela Darius Curtis


  • WafflePrincess2006

    its left because the man on the left of the photo who’s holding a box or something is looking to his left, possibly seeing the train zoom by.

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