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15 optical illusions that will make your eyes pop out of your head

Take a look at some of the most awesome yet obvious optical illusions that will blow your mind. These images will decieve your mind to believing that it’s real while it’s not.

1. You see a spiral loop in this picture. But in reality, they are just circles.

2. Both the orange circles are of the same size, or is it?8_Awesome_optical_illusions

3. The red lines in this image are parallel. Find out for yourself with a ruler.3_Awesome_optical_illusions

4. You may sense (wave like)  motion in this image.
9_Awesome_optical_illusions5. Look at this image for 15 seconds. You will see black dots in between the lines.

6. Can you say, which one is the front face of this cube?4_Awesome_optical_illusions

7. It’s a perfect square.1_Awesome_optical_illusions

8. These lines are parallel, believe it or not.5_Awesome_optical_illusions

9. Enough is enough, I’m going to stare away from this pic for a while now.6_Awesome_optical_illusions

10. Slowly scroll up and down, and see the magic.

11. This one is driving me crazy!11_Awesome_optical_illusions 12. Believe it or not, both the labels A and B have the same shade around it.12_Awesome_optical_illusions

13. A pretty simple optical illusion. Try to figure it out.13_Awesome_optical_illusions

14. Again, it’s a perfect square.0_Awesome_optical_illusions

15. These 2 shades of grey are of the same color. 14_Awesome_optical_illusions

There there… You’ve just finished going through some cool optical illusions. Now, why not share it with your friends? Let these illusions blow their minds too!

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