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11 Gifs Showing How Everyday Things Work. Amazing!

These animated images show how some of the simple things that we use every day work. Albeit we make use of these things in our daily life, it is quite mesmerizing to know how they work. For instance, how the zipper works is so fascinating.

working-of-everyday-things-221. Working of sewing machine

how-everyday-things-working-explanation2. Working of a pill press

working-everyday-things 3. How a zipper works

working-of-everyday-things4. Working of a radial engine

some-every-day-things-and-working-explained5. Working of alpha Stirling engine

everyday-things-working-explained6. Working of a Geneva Drive

everyday_things_hows_they_work7. How to make a Hypotrochoid

how-an-engine-works-in-simple8. Working of a locomotive

everyday-things-working9. That’s how we get pi

how_everyday_things_work10. How to draw a yin yang symbol

some-everyday-working-of-things 11. How a caliper works

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